Application Process

​​​​​​​​​​The Horizons Program is available to highly and profoundly gifted students whose educational needs require extreme differentiation and acceleration. Students in the Horizons Program require a highly challenging and motivating environment where their special talents and extreme potential can be nurtured. Please note that students may only apply to Horizons for Kindergarten through 8th grades. ​

A candidate for the Horizons Program typically meets all the following criteria:

  • Needs cannot be met in the regular Talent Development/Honors Program

  • Is working at least two to three years above grade level in reading, writing, and math

  • Has a 145+ IQ on the Stanford-Binet V*

  • Has a 98th or 99th percentile score on an Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement-3​ test in both areas of reading and math*​​​​

  • Is highly motivated to learn and can work independently

* Test administration will be scheduled by the student's ho​​​me school if student is enrolled in CMS. Non-CMS students will need to arrange for private testing by a licensed psychologist for the Stanford-Binet V.

The Horizons Application Process

Students complete several phases of assessment for consideration for entrance into the Horizons program. ​Please review the entire process here​, including deadlines for applications. ​​Should you determine that Horizons might be a good fit fo​​r your child, please complete the applic​​ation​ and submit it to your school's Talent Development Catalyst Teacher (grades K-5) or Academic Facilitator (grades 6-8). ​If you are interested in applying to Horizons, but do not currently attend a CMS school, please review the application process here​. You will submit the sam​​e application. ​​If you have additional questions regarding the application​ process, please contact Trinette Atri at or (980) 343-2644.