Our Vision

"To continuously enhance the CMS learning environment by
providing leading edge services that support academic achievement."

Our Mission

“To relentlessly provide services and facilities where
students and staff can be safe and successful.”

Transportation Services

CMS transportation department employs over 1,450 staff members to support transportation of CMS students.  Our transportation services consists of an operations division comprised of 14 transportation areas, a full turn key maintenance division, a safety and training operation, a routing and scheduling division and central office support staff. 



Did You Know....

  • For the 2017-2018 school year, CMS Transportation has distributed bus schedules for an estimated 127,000 students to and from school daily, on 1,078 school buses. CMS buses will stop at approximately 25,000 bus stops. CMS Transportation will travel approximately 121,000 miles each day within 546 square miles in Mecklenburg County.

  • School buses must stop at all railroad crossings.

  • School buses can not turn right on red.

  • School bus drivers are required to signal children at all passenger stops. These hand signals are desinged to enhance safety.

  • The maximum speed limit for yellow school buses is 45 mph, or in accordance with the posted speed limit.

  • Nationally school buses travel approximately 4.3 billion miles per year. With a fatality rate of 0.02 per 100,000,000 passenger miles, school buses are the safest form of ground transportation in the U.S.

Please review our "Key Dates" which will show when to expect for your child's transportation assignment to be available.


2018-2019 Stu​dent Transportation Information Form - Please complete this form to notify the CMS Transportation Department if your student is currently enrolled and you wish to request transportation or to notify us of a change to your child's AM or PM ride status for the 2018-2019 school year. Please note that if the request is already​​​​​​​​​​ prefilled "Yes" for the service(s) needed,​ no request needs to be submitted an​d you can click 'No Changes'.


2018-2019 Alternate Stop Request Form - Please complete this form to request a stop at a different location from what your child is currently assigned (e.g. request a stop at a daycare center, ASEP program or to return back to the neighborhood stop). Please note that transportation to alternate stops (e.g. daycare centers, etc.) do not automatically carry over from year to the next. These stops must be requested each year.

2018-2019 Unsafe Stop Request Form - This form will be available the first week of August 2018.

​​For further information about Consolidated Stops for the 2018-2019 school year, please "Click Here"

​The 2018-2019 Daycare List is not a complete listing of daycare centers within a school-attendance boundary.  If the daycare center is ​located within your school-attendance boundary, you can request an alternate stop at that location. Please select this form and scroll down to your child's school for more information.  Please call 980-343-6715​ if you have questions about alternate-stop locations.