Office of Strategic Partnerships


To establish partnerships with private, public, non-profit and faith communities to promote student academic achievement and create safe environments by identifying needs and mobilizing/leveraging resources.

Building Dreams Through Community Collaboration

Preparing students to succeed is a community responsibility and CMS is extremely fortunate to have a long history of involvement from parents, business and community representatives. We believe that this community has extensive capacity and resources to close the gap between needs and solutions.

Mobilizing and leveraging those resources in an effective manner becomes critical to student academic achievement and community problem solving. By building a partnership infrastructure that is responsive to school and community needs, CMS can effectively and efficiently address student needs, engage the public in education endeavors and ultimately build community.

We look forward to continuing to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. 

There are many opportunities to volunteer at CMS.  Business and education partnerships are unique to the identified needs of individual schools.  Some of the ways that community partners may be involved are:

  • Tutor a student
  • Be a mentor for a student
  • Read with a student
  • Organize a volunteer program
  • Be a speaker for schools
  • Organize career days or college tours
  • Provide clerical assistance to a school
  • Provide marketing, public relations, and advertising assistance to schools
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Sponsor a schoolbased program or initiative