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Please click here for a listing of our positions and pay grades.  The salary schedules are listed below. 

The 2014-2015 state budget was approved and signed into law on August 7, 2014. The Compensation department is working diligently to determine the full impact on CMS employees. As soon as all of the details are determined, the 2014-2015 Salary Schedules will be published. Certified schedules  will include the state salary and local supplements. Please feel free to check this page or employee intranet for updates. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Market Pay Plan

2014-2015 Certified Educator Schedules

       Bachelor A Schedule
       Master M Schedule
       Advanced Degree S Schedule
       Doctorate D Schedule

2014-2015 National Board Certified Educator Schedules

       National Board Bachelor A Schedule 
       National Board Master M Schedule
       National Board Advanced S Schedule        
       National Board Doctorate D Schedule  

2014-2015 Psychologist, Speech Pathologist and Audiologist

      Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Audiologist Schedule
      Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Audiologist Advanced Degree 
      Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Audiologist Doctorate Degree D