Licensure Renewal 

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Licensure Renewal  

Standard Professional 2/Continuing licenses are valid for five years. It is the individual’s responsibility to obtain the correct renewal hours to maintain a valid license. Listed below are requirements for license renewal:

  • A total of 15 continuing education units (ceu’s) must be earned over the five-year cycle. One credit is earned for every year worked during the renewal cycle
  • K-8 teachers must earn 3 credits in reading methods. This includes teachers in PE, Art, and Music
  • Current employees should check credits through the Professional Development Inservice system (MyPD). Consult with the school Professional Development Contact for additional assistance
  • If you are employed at the time your license is up for renewal, the process is automatic and no fee is required. You will receive a conviction statement (late March to early April) from the state that must be completed and returned to the Licensure Office. Upon receipt of the completed statement (contingent upon your response), you will receive your new five-year license
  • Individuals not employed in a school system during the year their license expires, will need to submit transcripts and certificates of completion directly to the State. See the State web site at for additional information
  • School administrators who are renewing after July 1, 2007 (effective with 6/30/08 expirations and beyond) will be required to complete 5 renewal credits focused on the administrator’s role in the following areas: teacher effectiveness, teacher evaluation, teacher support programs, teacher leadership, teacher empowerment, and teacher retention.

Please note, if you come back to a North Carolina school before your renewal cycle ends, you will need the full 15 credits, regardless of the absence, to renew your license. Effective January 1, 2006, partial credits (less than 1.0) earned cannot be used for renewal credit.