New Employee Orientation

Directions to Orientation

Orientation is located at Spaugh Administrative Center - 1901 Herbert Spaugh Lane Charlotte, NC  28208.  Orientation takes place in the auditorium or the cafeteria depending on your scheduled date and time.  You will receive more information about orientation when you are officially hired into a position.  Click here for directions.


Orientation lasts approximately three hours.  At the conclusion of orientation you will receive directions to the drug testing and fingerprinting center. You will need to complete your drug testing, I-9, and fingerprinting on the day of your orientation.

Resources to Review

Forms to Complete Before Orientation

Before attending Orientation, please review the material below. If these forms are applicable to you, please download, print, and complete the forms prior to attending Orientation. These forms can also be found in your new employee checklist which is accessible from your online application by clicking on the My HR Docs tab.  



Due to security, you will be unable to access your email and the CMS intranet until the first day that you report on site.  Please note you are not an official employee of the district until you have attended orientation and completed your drug testing, I-9, and fingerprinting.