Principal and Assistant Principal Talent Pools – Frequently Asked Questions

Why has CMS decided to incorporate talent pools?

The purpose of creating this process is to ensure schools have the most effective leaders. The goal is to minimize the amount of time to fill Principal and Assistant Principal vacancies by building a reserve of qualified talent.  

Am I eligible for the Principal and/or Assistant Principal Talent Pool?

I am currently a Dean of Students. Do I have to apply for the Principal and/or Assistant Principal Talent Pool?

Yes. Anyone interested in holding a principal or assistant principal position should apply to the appropriate Talent Pool. Only current principals and assistant principals are automatically eligible to apply for same-role open positions when these positions become available. 

I am currently an Assistant Principal in CMS. Do I have to apply for the Assistant Principal Talent Pool if I want to apply for a position as an Assistant Principal at another school?

No. Current CMS assistant principals are automatically eligible to apply for open assistant principal positions when these positions become available. This situation also applies to CMS principals interested in open principal positions. 

I have a curriculum and supervision license. Does this meet the licensure requirement for the Principal or Assistant Principal Talent Pool?

No. Principal licensure in North Carolina or another state is required to be eligible for the Talent Pools.   

I am currently in a principal preparation program. Do I need to have my license in hand to be eligible to apply to the Principal or Assistant Principal Talent Pool?

You must have a current NC principal license or will have completed a principal preparation program by the posted deadline for the particular Talent Pool you are applying to. Please make sure to include the required documentation that is associated with your situation. Additional documentation might be required at a later date to complete full licensure verification before you will receive job openings.

If I do not make it into the Principal and/or Assistant Principal Talent Pool, when can I reapply?

Applicants can apply to each talent pool only once per school year. The CMS calendar runs July through June. For example, if you apply and are not selected in January 2014, you may reapply after July 1, 2014.

What should I include in my application?

Do I need to attach college transcripts or my Praxis scores? When I go through the application process, there are places to enter these items though they are not listed in the required items.

If you currently have a NC principal license, copies of your college transcripts and Praxis scores are not required for the Talent Pool application. However, you should fill out all of the related information in the application, such as GPA and Praxis scores. If your principal license is pending, you should attach evidence of completion of the program and the specific completion date. If you hold an out-of-state license, please also attach a copy of your Praxis scores.

How do I complete the application process in MyApp?

I am trying to apply to a Talent Pool positing and I get an error message. What should I do?

If you are having trouble within the application, please contact HR at 

All of my information is in the system because I have applied to a previous Talent Pool. Will I need to resubmit all of the required documentation?

Yes. We highly recommend that you review and update your application and all attachments in order to provide the most recent information and meet the Talent Pool application requirements. The process to submit the required documentation has changed. Once your application is complete within MyApp, click on the Jobs tab and apply to the specific job posting associated with the current Principal and/or Assistant Principal Talent Pool. Please make sure to attach each document when prompted. 

Do I have to create another application even though I just completed an application for another CMS position?

A completed Administrative Position application is required to apply to the Principal or Assistant Principal Talent Pool. If you have completed a different application (Teaching, Instructional or Non-Instructional), go to the Current Employee Profile page in MyApp and click the “Change Type” link. Select “Administrative,” then click “Save and Next.” Review and update your application to ensure it includes all the information required for the Talent Pool. Once your application is complete, click the Jobs tab and apply to the Principal or Assistant Principal Talent Pool.  

I do not remember my user name and password for MyApp. What should I do?

If an account has been created in MyApp, click the “Forgot username or password?” link on the sign in page. Your password will be emailed to you. If you are still having trouble accessing the application, please contact HR at 

In MyApp, can I go back and edit previous pages if I haven’t completed and finalized the entire process?

Yes, applicants can edit saved information. If you are having trouble accessing the application or navigating MyApp, please contact HR at 

What is the size limit of the attachments?

Attachments cannot be any larger than 1 MB. If your documents exceed this capacity, please upload them to Google Drive (, ensure they are public to anyone with the link, and copy/paste the link into a document that you upload when prompted. If this doesn’t work, try emailing the attachment to

My evaluation is in Liquid Office or McRel. How do I upload it to my application?

You will need to reach out to HR (click here or email to determine if you can get your evaluations electronically. If not, you will need to scan the hard copies so that they can be attached electronically. The system being used for the talent pool application has not yet been integrated with the system that is used for evaluations and other documents that HR holds.  

What kind of information are you requesting for the performance review?

For all candidates, we require your most recent summative evaluation. If your evaluation for the current school year has already been completed, please submit this document. If not, we will accept the most recent evaluation you have access to. For internal candidates, click here (or email to request a copy of your evaluation on file.   

Do I need to do something special to the required documentation before I submit it?

Yes.  You need to organize your required documentation into one file for each component.  You can only attach four to five documents total.  For example, if your summative evaluation is on separate pages, they need to be scanned into one entire file instead of separate files for each page.

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