Professional Development Facilitator Talent Pool K-8

Overview of the Professional Development Facilitator Talent Pool (Middle School/K-8)

In order to build a reserve of qualified talent, CMS maintains a pool of potential candidates who have demonstrated their qualification for facilitator roles through a screening and selection process.

Professional Development Facilitator Talent Pool  - Process

The Talent Pool application process includes two rounds of screening – 1) online application including required documentation and 2) selection activities including a presentation and interview.  Please see below for the current process timeline.


Timeline for 2015-16 Middle/Pre-K PD Facilitator Positions

Applications for the Professional Development Facilitator Talent Pool will be accepted two times during the school year according to the below selection windows. Interested candidates are invited to apply once each school year.

  • Summer
    • Applications period: July 1 - 31, 2015
    • Selection process:  August 3 – August 14 , 2015
    • Final notifications:  by August 31, 2015
  • Winter
    • Applications period: December 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
    • Selection process:  January 2016
    • Final notifications:  by January 31st, 2016


Click here TipsandResourcesforApplicants to view Tips and Resources for applicants.

Please fill out the entire CMS instructional application. Once you get to the “Jobs” tab of the application select the Professional Development Facilitator Talent Pool posting. Once you select the appropriate posting you will be prompted to attach the required documentation (described below). Each component must be attached as a single, separate file.


·         Three full years of successful classroom experience or related school experience

·         North Carolina Middle School Certification

·         Knowledge of successful middle school instructional strategies

·         Knowledge of professional development techniques

·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required

·         Knowledge and use of instructional technology

Required Documentation

Candidates are encouraged to submit documentation that reflects their most recent experience and evidence of their potential as CMS facilitators. Each component must be attached as a single, separate file.

1.       Résumé

2.       Example of a presentation you developed and implemented for teachers and/or school personnel

3.       Letter from a principal/supervisor supporting application for the Professional Development

          Facilitator position

4.       Licensure documentation

·         Internal (current CMS employees) candidates: No documentation required

·         External candidates: Upload the following documents in the “Attachments” section of the application

          a.  State license

          b.  Degree-conferred transcript of appropriate program if license is out-of-state         

Invitations to participate in the selection process will be extended to applicants with complete applications that pass the screening process.

The selection process includes a presentation and interview. These activities may take place in person or remotely. More information will be provided to you once you reach this stage of the process.  

Click here to begin the application process.  

If you require technical assistance with your application please email

For questions about the PD facilitator talent pool please email