Student Teaching

We’re excited that you are considering student teaching in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools!  Student teaching is the capstone experience to any teacher preparation program. Student teachers in CMS gain practical, hands-on experience through classroom and professional development activities working in an environment unsurpassed elsewhere.

With the guidance of your cooperating teacher, student teachers will improve their instructional strategies, assessment practices, and classroom management skills.  Cooperating teachers and the school administrators are key figures in making student teachers feel welcome to our schools. The student teachers in CMS are warmly welcomed at their placement sites, enhancing their feeling of being accepted as a member of the professional staff.

Cooperating teachers are:

  • Experienced in a wide variety of teaching methods, techniques, and materials.

  • Able to effectively communicate knowledge and experience and offer ongoing feedback with constructive criticism.

  • Accepting of you as a professional colleague.

  • Committed to expanding upon the university/college’s teacher training program.

Requirements for Colleges/Universities:

  • Letter from the Director of Field Experiences sent to address below

  • Affiliation Agreement from College/University sent to address below

  • Assigned University Faculty for Observations

  • Student Liability Insurance

Letters and agreements can be mailed to:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Attn:  Student Teaching Coordinator
1901 Herbert Spaugh Ln.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Requirements for Student Teachers:

  • Completed online CMS instructional application

  • Background Authorization Check (at CMS’ expense)

  • Attendance at CMS Orientation

    • CMS Fingerprinting and Drug Testing (at CMS’ expense)

    • Health Examination (at student’s expense)

If you have additional questions, please email