On-the-Job Support: Coaching and feedback along the way

We believe that developing and supporting principals and APs throughout their first few years on the job is critical to the success of our students. We provide a variety of programs designed to support school leaders as they develop and enhance their leadership practices.

Principal Induction (Years 1 – 5)




LEVEL 1 - Basic skills (Years 1 and 2)
First- and second-year principals are matched with a consultant coach who will guide and advise them throughout the year to support a successful transition into school leadership. Principals meet with their consultant coaches for bimonthly check-ins and gather with their cohorts for quarterly sessions focused on key topics related to developing effective administrators and increasing student achievement. In their second year, principals participate in the School Administration Manager (SAM) program, which is focused on improving student achievement by increasing the amount of time principals can devote toward the role of instructional leader.


LEVEL 2 - Learning about leadership (Year 3)
Third-year principals attend the Educational Leadership Institute at Queens University. This program is a partnership between the Cato School of Education and the McColl School of Business and offers principals training in different leadership styles and their connection to running a school.


Carmen Concepcion, Principal of Oaklawn Language Academy, shares how the CMS Induction Program has supported her transition to school leadership


LEVEL 3 - Vision and innovation (Year 4)
The Innovation Institute at McColl Center for Visual Art provides principals a highly experiential 4-day program. Working with Innovation Institute artists, a facilitator and staff, participants discover habits and behaviors that restrain innovation, as well as uncover fresh perspectives that
nurture relationships and encourage business creativity.

Mike Miliote, Principal of Jay M. Robinson Middle,
shares his experience in the Innovation Institute.


LEVEL 4 - Demonstrating leadership (Year 5)
The final level of the principal induction program includes a Capstone Project offered in partnership with the Center for Intentional Leadership. During this experience, fifth-year principals take part in a series of conversations that focus on their leadership, explore their visions around education, support them in developing positive school cultures, and enhance their abilities to lead sustained, positive change. 


Assistant Principal Induction (Years 1 & 2)


LEVEL 1 - Basic skills (Year 1)
The CMS Assistant Principal Induction Program supports first-year assistant principals and builds their capacity for leadership. The program follows the consultant-coach model used with first- and second-year principals. In this model, first-year assistant principals receive coaching from a veteran assistant principal and meet for quarterly sessions focused on techniques to expand their leadership skills and raise student achievement.


LEVEL 2 - Learning about leadership (Year 2)
The second year of the AP Induction program includes two opportunities. First, APs attend a six-day AP Academy at Queens University. Led by faculty from the McColl School of Business, participants continue to develop their own leadership style and understand how to lead from the middle by exercising their personal authority while upholding the vision of their principal. Second, APs are invited to participate in SAM Data Collection. The SAM process is an element of the CMS principal induction program that offers tools to help redirect a principal's time from managerial to instructional tasks. Through SAM Data Collection, APs have the opportunity to shadow a principal and gain perspective on the day-to-day role of a school leader.