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Substitute Teacher Applicants


We appreciate your interest in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Substitute Teacher position.  The Substitute Teacher position is posted twice a year in the Summer (July/August timeframe) and Winter (December/January timeframe).  When the position is posted, it can be located online with our Non-Instructional positions, under the title of “Certified Substitute Teacher. 


Please submit your application online, and be sure to attach transcripts and teaching license.  

The minimum education requirement for a Substitute Teacher position with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is a Bachelor’s Degree.  You will also be required to pass a background check and submit three supervisor level references.


Hiring Process:

Once your application has been processed we will contact you by telephone and email to schedule you for an Orientation session.  During Orientation, you will be required to complete the forms needed for the automated Smart Find Substitute System, and participate in fingerprinting and drug testing compliance.


There are two pay levels for Substitute Teachers; your pay status is determined by the following classification:

Certified Substitute – must have a North Carolina teaching license or a license from another state (current or expired).  This position will pay $103 per day.


Non- Certified Substitute – must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and does not hold a teaching license form NC or any state.  This position will pay $80 per day.


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