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Cigna Dental Program

Cigna is the new dental carrier.  Employees must have selected a new dental plan during Annual Enrollment in order to have dental coverage beyond June 30, 2011.  Three plans are available.  One is a new plan type, a Dental HMO, and the other two options are dental PPOs.

Below is a chart of the dental monthly rates effective July 1, 2013, shown on a 12-month basis.

July 2013 - Dec 2013 Dental Rates*
Enrollment Tier Dental HMO Basic Plan PPO Enhanced Plan PPO
Employee Only $  16.19 $  21.75 $  31.75
Employee + Spouse $  44.02 $  59.36 $  86.10
Employee + Child(ren) $  41.93 $  56.53 $  88.08
Family $  70.42 $  95.04 $147.65

* Rates includes dental COBRA vendor administration fee.

Please review plan documentation. 

Basic Plan


Enhanced Plan 

Finding a Network Dentist

To search for a network dentist, follow these steps:

  • At www.cigna.com, select the Provider Directory link.
  • Select Dentist as the type of provider.
  • Select or enter your search parameters for type of dentist, location, search radius, etc.
  • Choose CIGNA Dental Care (HMO) - Dental Care Network for the DHMO plan network or CORE Network for the PPO plan network.

CMS is part of the CIGNA Core network.  When searching for a provider, please select the Core network.


Customer Service Hotline

Cigna has established a help line that's available prior to July 1 if you have questions.  Call them at 1-800-CIGNA24 (1-800-244-6224).  A customer service representative can help:

  • Answer questions about each of the plan options.
  • Answer questions about choosing between the DHMO or a PPO option (for new hires).
  • Answer specific benefit questions that may not be available in the information already provided.
  • Assist with finding participating network providers in the PPO or DHMO.