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 Basic Term Life Insurance Benefit Information:


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Unum are pleased to offer you a group term life insurance program that helps provide you and your family with additional financial protection at affordable group rates. We know that buying life insurance is not an easy task, but it is an important step in helping secure your financial future. Below is a brief summary of the Unum group term life insurance benefits.

Basic Term Life Insurance:

As a CMS employee, you are automatically enrolled in Basic Term Life Insurance paid for by CMS. A benefit of $10,000 is payable to the person you named as beneficiary upon your death from any cause. You are eligible for this coverage if you are:

  • An active, permanent full-time or part-time employee as defined by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
  • A member of the Board of Education.
  • An interim teacher whose contract is 6 months or more.
  • Your insurance becomes effective on the first day of the month following the date of your eligibility (date of hire), providing you are actively at work. Otherwise, coverage begins on the day you return to active work.

Other Key Features:

The beneficiary you designate on your enrollment form is the beneficiary for your Basic and Optional Term Life Insurance coverage, if elected. You are automatically the beneficiary of the optional Dependent Term Life Insurance.

Waiver of Premium
If you become totally disabled before age 60 and while insured, your insurance will be continued without a premium charge. Your total disability must start while you are insured and before your employment ends. You are required to submit proof of your disability for this benefit period to begin. This benefit will start after Sun Life has approved your proof of total disability and will continue while you are totally disabled, until age 70 or retirement, whichever occurs first. After which, should you terminate your employment, your insurance will be continued for up to 12 months. The amount of your insurance will be payable to your beneficiary provided your death occurs within one year after your total disability started and before your 70th birthday and proof of death and total disability is submitted within one year after death.

For the purposes of the Waiver of Premium eligibility, a person is considered totally disabled if the person is completely unable to work in any occupation for wage or profit because of injury or sickness. Proof of total disability may be required annually. This feature does not apply if your covered spouse or dependent child becomes disabled.

Leave of Absence
If you are on an approved, unpaid leave of absence, you may continue your group term life insurance for up to 12 months by paying the premium of your Basic Term Life Insurance and any elected optional coverage.

Coverage Reductions at Age 70
If you remain actively employed beyond age 70, the combined amount of your basic and optional life coverage will reduce according to the table.


Your Age

Benefit  Reduced To...








Living Benefits Option (LBO)
If you provide satisfactory proof that you are terminally ill with a life expectancy of 12 months or less, you may elect to receive up to 75% of your Basic and Option Term Life while still living, up to a maximum of $81,975. This benefit is only available once and is payable in a lump sum or six equal monthly installments. The death benefit payable to your beneficiary will be reduced by the amount you elect under this option.

Termination of Coverage
Your insurance will terminate upon the earlier of the first of the month following the date you retire or the date your employment terminates. However, if you or a covered dependent dies within 31 days thereafter, life insurance benefits will be payable to the beneficiary.

If your employment ends, you may receive similar Optional Term Life coverage under the Portability provision. This coverage is provided until age 65 or up to 10 years, whichever occurs first. You will be advised of the cost of this coverage.

If your employment terminates while you are covered under the plan, you may convert your Basic, Optional, and Dependent Term Life Insurance to Sun Life individual life insurance policies. Additional information regarding this option may be obtained from the Benefits Office.

Claims Procedure
Claim forms can be obtained from the Benefits Office. Following the instructions on the claim form will expedite the processing of the claim. For further instructions, please contact the Benefits Office.

*See detailed summary plan descriptions for complete benefit information.