Voluntary Benefits
Supplemental Life and Dependent Life Insurance


Supplemental Term Life Insurance:

CMS employees have the option to purchase supplemental term life insurance up to 5 times their annual salary.   Newly eligible participants may purchase the Guaranteed Issue Amount of 3x their basic annual earnings without being denied.  Employees may purchase an amount between $10,000 and $1,000,000, in increments of $10,000, not to exceed 5x their basic annual earnings, by providing Evidence of Insurability.

While the benefit payable under your Basic Term Life Insurance provides important protection, it may not adequately replace the loss of your income to your family. That is why you may want to consider supplemental life insurance. You have the option to purchase supplemental term life insurance for yourself. Your insurance becomes effective on the first day of the month following:

  • the first date of eligibility (or usually your date of hire)
  • the date ​​​approves proof of your good health
  • the date the first full premium is paid

 You will be required to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI), if:

  • you enroll more than 30 days after you become initially eligible
  • you request an increase in coverage
  • you re-enter the plan

The cost for obtaining medical information, such as medical records, laboratory tests or physical examination will be your responsibility.

UNUM Group Life Insurance

Dependent Term Life Insurance:

You may also purchase dependent term insurance for your spouse and children only if you purchase supplemental coverage for yourself.  

Spouse Coverage

This feature​ allows your legal spouse and unmarried children to be insured at affordable group rates. You may purchase up to $100,000 in coverage on your spouse (up to 50% of the employee's supplemental election) . A divorced spouse is ineligible for coverage.

Child Coverage

Each child 14 days to age 19, or 25 if a full-time student, can be insured for $10,000. You pay one rate regardless of how many children you have. Disabled children can continue to be covered, if eligible, with no age limit. Examples of ineligible status are attainment of maturity, marriage or graduation of high school or college.

If you enroll a dependent for coverage within 31 days from the time that dependent becomes initially eligible, the insurance becomes effective on the first day of the month following the date of your dependent's eligibility, provided he or she is able to perform normal daily activities.  If you enroll your dependent after 31 days from the date he or she is eligible, the insurance becomes effective on the date The Hartford approves proof of your dependent's good health.

Note: It is your responsibility to notify the Benefits Office of a change in your dependent's (spouse and/or child) eligibility. This ensures that any adjustments in premium deductions are made in a timely manner.

Enrollment and Rates

Employees must be actively at work during the enrollment period to participate. To see what your cost would be, please log into Lawson Self-Service.


The beneficiary you designate on your enrollment form is the beneficiary for your Basic and Supplemental Term Life Insurance coverage, if elected. You are automatically the beneficiary of the optional Dependent Term Life Insurance.

Coverage Reductions at Age 70

If you remain actively employed beyond age 70, the combined amount of your basic and optional life coverage will reduce according to the table.

Your Age

Coverage Will Be Reduced To...

70 65%
75 45%
80 30%
 Termination of Coverage

Your insurance will terminate upon the earlier of the first of the month following the date you retire or the date your employment terminates. However, if you or a covered dependent dies within 31 days thereafter, life insurance benefits will be payable to the beneficiary.

 Claims Procedure

Claim forms can be obtained from the Benefits Office. Following the instructions on the claim form will expedite the processing of the claim. For further instructions, please contact the HRDC at 980-343-4732. 


*See detailed summary plan descriptions for complete benefit information.

Supplemental and Dependent Term Life Provided by:
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