Supplemental Retirement Plans
401(k) Plan
401 (k) Plan Provided by:
Customer Service Number:(866) 627-5267
Representative Name: Lorraine Rodriguez

The North Carolina 401(k) Plan is a supplemental retirement income plan sponsored by the State of North Carolina, which was established through legislative process by the General Assembly. Employees contributing to the Retirement System of North Carolina are eligible to participate in the 401(k) Plan at any time. Up to 80% of your gross income may be contributed annually before taxes, however, contributions may not exceed the federal maximum limit for elective deferrals. This is determined annually by the federal government. Your account is always 100% vested and you may change your contribution at any time. Future investment allocations may be changed at any time to include discontinuation of contributions.

For more details regarding the State of North Carolina 401(k) Plan, contact Prudential at 1-866-624-0151.

You may also contact one of our Regional Retirement Educational Managers with further questions:

Lorraine Rodriguez ( at 704-987-0468

Kristin Wilkie ( at 704-948-8387