British culture comes to life
The British American Business Council (BABC) of North Carolina sponsors the British Studies 2011 Summer Program. This is the eighth year the BABC  has offered the summer program to eleventh-grade CMS students. The American Community Schools (ACS) British Studies Program is a two-week study/travel program that strives to bring British history to life by enabling students to explore and connect with art and events from the past 400 years of British history.

The program is limited to 14 high school students. Three outstanding CMS students have been chosen for the program this year. Kelsey Carothers, a junior from William Amos High High School, Shauna Rust, a junior from Myers Park High School, and Matthew Johnson, a junior from West Charlotte High School, will travel to England June 18 – July 2.

The students were chosen based on a 1000-word essay they wrote on which aspect of British culture interests them most or which British person they would like to meet and why. After being chosen as an essay finalist, the students were interviewed.

Each student brings different ideas and perspectives to the experience.

“I have always wanted to travel,” said Kelsey Carothers. “I want to be involved in other cultures and learn about different people.”

Matthew Johnson feels a strong family connection to the experience and is excited about crossing the English Channel.

“My father crossed the English Channel when he had the opportunity to go to London and I want to be able to do that as well,” said Johnson.

Shauna Rust is looking forward to making new friends during the trip.

“I am excited to meet all of the participants in the program and learn about British culture together,”
 she said.

The Britsh Studies Summer Program is administered and run in England during the last two weeks of June
 by the American Community School outside of London. This is in conjunction with  BABC chapters  across the United States who select 14 high school students  to join this experience. The close interaction between
 student, teacher and location not only galvanizes this approach, but also genrerates an enthusiastic forum
 for collaborative  learning.
The ACS British Studies Summer Program was created to explore the enduring impact of British culture. Established in 1996, the program is committed to the ideal of creative, multi-disciplined education. The close interaction between student, teacher and location not only galvanizes this approach, but it also generates an enthusiastic forum for collaborative learning.

While in England, the students will participate in a wide variety of activities including a trip to the Tower of London, visit to Shakespeare’s Globe and study sessions at the National Gallery. Round-trip airfare from Charlotte to London will be provided by the British American Business Council of North Carolina. All accommodations and meals will be provided by the ACS.