Bus fire inspection update

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district continues to work to provide safe school bus transportation for all students and keep the public updated on all efforts to meet those goals. The district has concluded that the investigation into the causes of two fires on board CMS school buses is related to the wiring components in the engine compartment. CMS and DPI inspectors were unable to positively identify a specific cause but did feel that the area around the starter could be an area of concern. CMS took proactive steps to begin inspections of the starter area; additionally, DPI issued a "Transportation Services" memo to all districts in NC to reiterate the need to look at wiring components in the engine compartment. CMS Transportation staff looked for missing frame insulators and condition of the wiring; even though some of these buses did not have frame insulators when new. Transportation teams have taken the proactive step of installing this protective sleeve on any bus identified as a concern.

 The district will continue all efforts to identify problematic issues and work to correct any areas of concern on all school buses.

 Meanwhile, CMS Transportation has completed compiling all inspection reports for all school buses with the 3126 engine type. You can find part one of the inspection reports here and part two here.