CMS announces schools assigned within six re-structured learning communities

CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox announced more details about the restructuring of learning communities in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools April 16. The changes follow his decision in March to reduce the number of learning communities from nine to six. In the new structure, these six learning communities are: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Central 1 and Central 2.

"Our kids need us to focus on what is best for them, and we believe these reconfigured structures for our learning communities will help us get district-based support where it is needed more efficiently and effectively," Dr. Wilcox said.

Dr. Matt Hayes will lead the Northwest Learning Community, which has 28 schools. John Wall will lead the Northeast Learning Community, which has 29 schools. Dr. Steve Esposito will lead the Southwest Learning Community, which has 27 schools. Dr. Kondra Rattley will lead the Southeast Learning Community, which has 29 schools. Metro School and Lincoln Heights will be overseen by Ann Stalnaker, assistant superintendent for Exceptional Children.

Project Leadership & Investment For Transformation (L.I.F.T.) schools have been kept together and are among the 29 schools in Central Learning Community 1. That learning community will be led by Dr. Denise Watts, who has been the leader of Project L.I.F.T. "We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with the board of Project L.I.F.T.," said Dr. Wilcox.

The second Central Learning Community also has 29 schools, and will be led by Tara Lynn Sullivan.

The restructuring also includes five realigned positions. Three associate superintendents will work to ensure consistency and strong curriculums in every school to enhance district-wide alignment. Dr. Curtis Carroll will serve as associate superintendent for high school programs. Avery Mitchell will serve as associate superintendent for middle school programs. Trish Sexton will serve as associate superintendent for elementary school programs. Two positions will address student services and cultural competency/inclusiveness. Kathy Elling will become associate superintendent of student services, overseeing such student supports as social, emotional and mental health care, and anti-bullying efforts. Elling will also oversee Turning Point Academy. Dr. Chris Triolo will serve as executive director of teaching and learning, working to boost cultural awareness and inclusive teaching across the curriculum.

A complete list of specific school assignments can be found here.