CMS class of 2017 wins $157.8 million in scholarships


The class of 2017 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools won scholarships totaling $157.8 million, the district announced June 16. The total is more than $30 million higher than the class of 2016's $127.6 million.

In all, the 2017 graduates were offered 3,327 scholarships, an increase over the 2016 total of 2,902. The scholarship money offered to CMS students has increased steadily in recent years; in 2014, the total was $91.9 million, followed by $109.9 million in 2015.

Seven of the district's high schools received scholarship offers totaling more than $10 million. The highest total was reported by Mallard Creek High, with $15.9 million. Ardrey Kell reported $15.5 million, followed by Providence ($14.8 million), South Meck ($14.4 million), Hough ($12.5 million), East Meck ($10.1 million) and Vance ($10 million).

Of the 2017 total, nearly $131 million represented academic scholarships. Athletic scholarships totaled $26.8 million. The scholarship offers are an important indicator of district success because they show that CMS graduates are attractive to colleges and universities.

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