CMS superintendent statement on BOE Municipal Concerns Act 2018

As elected leaders in our Mecklenburg community continue frank discussions at the policy level to address school overcrowding, assignment plans and allocating community resources, CMS district leadership, staff, principals, and teachers remain focused on what matters most - every student in our schools. Their achievements, their futures, will stay at the center of our efforts today and every day.

Last week, I was fortunate to meet with 9,000 talented, dedicated and influential people in our community - our teachers. I told them that our focus as a school district, at our schools and in their classrooms must be on what matters most - our students.

I also shared with them a message that we carry across the community - that all means all in CMS. All of our students, from all social and economic backgrounds, with all ranges of needs, with a spectrum of talents and aspirations, and from suburban neighborhoods to apartment buildings in the center city - ALL of these children deserve and must have our undivided attention and energy.

There are real challenges that face them and us, as a school district and as a community. Charlotte-Mecklenburg's rapid growth and the pace of changes we are experiencing together mean that we will sometimes have tough talks, uncomfortable moments, even heated exchanges, about issues that affect our students.

We must work together, both as individuals and communities, to fulfill our responsibilities as adults and do what is best for our kids. I hope we remember that this community's students are depending on us to find solutions to the challenges they face and they are counting on us to create access to opportunities for them.

We do this work best when we do it together. We will likely fail to match the beauty of our student's dreams with divisive rhetoric. We all have to walk the walk of sharing a future together.

The public square can be a place where the foundations of our children's futures are established, or it can be the place where the cracks they fall through begin.

I know we can build the community that is worthy of their aspirations. Our schools are where that work begins for over 147,000 students every day.

Whatever the hot topic or headline of the day, we will remain focused on students in your community's schools because they are what matters most.

Clayton M. Wilcox, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools