Cam Newton Foundation launches video contest to boost pride in CMS schools
The Cam Newton Foundation (CNF), in partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, is excited to announce this year’s SCHOOL PRIDE program – a video contest to encourage schools to show off their school pride for a chance to win dinner with Cam Newton.  Each month, all 43 CMS middle schools and Kindergarten - 8th grade academies can submit a video that displays their school pride.  The videos will focus on all aspects of student programs and activities.  Schools will consider themes such as leadership, culture and community, authenticity, generosity and perseverance when developing content.  This theme encompasses anything that makes students proud to be members of their schools and unites the student body by building a positive culture. Read the guidelines for details.

For the third consecutive year, the CNF is continuing with the overarching theme of school pride for their middle school-based education program.  From the inception of the CNF SCHOOL PRIDE programs, the goal has been to build a culture of belonging to something much greater than an individual.  SCHOOL PRIDE supports the overall school mission and renews the commitment to education by enhancing and cultivating an environment for respectful and responsible students and administrators in school communities.  The CNF wants to see school pride in each and every CMS middle school!

“We are so appreciative of the great partnership that our district has with the Cam Newton Foundation,” said Dr. Heath E. Morrison, superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. “The SCHOOL PRIDE program is helping our middle schools by building great learning environments where students and staff can be proud of what makes their school unique.”

The school videos must be 90 seconds or less and submitted by a specific deadline each month.  The first deadline is Oct. 15, and the contests continue through the end of March.  In all, there will be six total submission dates, and schools are encouraged to submit different videos each month.  Schools will upload their videos, along with background information that supports the connection to SCHOOL PRIDE. 

Once the videos are submitted, a committee representing leadership from the CNF, CMS and the overall Charlotte community will select one winner.  One school will be selected as the winner each month.  The committee will use established criteria including video content, production and creativity to judge the entries.  

School principals will identify the student team, comprised of 15 students or less, that produces the school’s video.  Schools will identify and select a group of diverse change-makers who are representative of their school and can positively affect culture.  The videos can include as many students, teachers and school staff as needed. 

The Reward:  Each month’s winner will receive a dinner with Cam Newton.  Newton will spend time with the student team which produced the video, as well as school leadership.  The winning school videos will be posted and highlighted on Newton’s social media outlets, as well as the CNF website.  Each winning school also will receive a banner to hang in their school lobby. 

“I am excited to see this year’s SCHOOL PRIDE videos.  We want to know how middle schoolers are representing their schools.  I hope the students will think creatively and outside of the box,” said Newton.  “School pride is not just about wearing your school’s colors; it is extremely contagious and can serve as a means to bring a community together. “

Since fall 2012, the CNF has made a significant contribution to CMS.  Collectively, the CNF has donated more than $275,000 through the SCHOOL PRIDE program -- the partner school program for middle schools and SCHOOL PRIDE Day.  More than 1,600 middle school students and administrators have attended the CNF’s annual SCHOOL PRIDE Day in the spring, and more than $230,000 in middle school donations have been made.  The CNF hires an independent research group to measure and evaluate the goals and objectives of each program. 

The SCHOOL PRIDE program is the Foundation’s signature program under the “Every 1 Learns” focus area.  As part of the program, Newton will continue to take a hands-on approach with his charitable outreach.

*Photos courtesy of the Cam Newton Foundation.