Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education statement on employee expression

All employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools can help make CMS a great place to work and can seek opportunities to lift voices up across the district. Our collective efforts drive progress on our united cause – to help make our schools great places to learn for all of our students.

We work best when we work together. Teachers can and should help inform effective education policy, engaging their best training and expertise. Staff at all levels can and should be involved in crafting efficient support and operational practices that reflect their experience and wisdom.

The Board welcomes employee input and celebrates every CMS employee's right to respectfully share their views and ideas. The Board will act to ensure that employees feel free to express their views without fear of retribution. 

The law and Board policies provide means and protected avenues through which employees can express themselves on issues related to the workplace. The Board expects employees to exercise their right to expression using means that do not violate either law or policy, including employee standards of conduct.

When the voices of all employees are valued, we can achieve more together in service of our students and their families. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education is committed to that shared purpose.