Chefs Move to Sterling Elementary

Sterling Elementary School hosted five of Charlotte's most well-known chefs at the Chefs Move to School event on Jan 30. Chefs from the Charlotte Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, Philip Lloyd, ACF president and Art Institute of Charlotte; Jean Pierre Marechal, executive chef at Savannah Red; Jason Wolf, vice president food services of Hope Haven Inc.; Jason Ziobrowski, corporate chef at Indian Harvest and Karl Hoffman, corporate chef American Communications Network, brought their culinary skills to third-grade students and treated them to unique lessons on nutrition. The chefs discussed the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables into our diets and illustrated how easy it is to meet dietary goals when you eat school lunch.

The excitement continued as the chefs introduced their friends Claudia Cauliflower, Bradley Blueberry and Tommy Tomato to help show students the importance of including a variety of colors in their meal selection.

The cafeteria manager and chefs then accompanied students as they made their way through the lunch line and encouraged them to make healthy choices.

“We were thrilled to welcome the team of chefs to Sterling," said Principal Beth Wardy. "Positive choices are often about familiarity and education. You open your mind to options you may not have previously considered. The children were so excited to touch, feel and eat yams that were pulled fresh from the ground!“

The Chefs Move to Schools program, run through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, partners chefs with schools to teach students about nutrition and making healthy choices. Locally, CMS Child Nutrition partners with the Charlotte Chapter ACF to bring programs to schools across the district.