I Am CMS award

​Bishay Faris, science teacher at Quail Hollow Middle, is the latest recipient of the I am CMS award.Superintendent Ann Clark surprised him in the cafeteria during lunch on Dec. 15. ​​

Students and colleagues cheered as Clark read from Faris' nomination form. 

"Mr. Faris has a way of making every child he encounters feel valued. He believes in meeting students where they are developmentally and emotionally in order for students to maximize their potential. He understands that middle school are students are external processors and are still kids," his colleagues wrote. 

"This means they need to move around and talk in order to truly process information. He took it upon himself this year to bring kinesthetic learning into his classroom. Smithfield Elementary, a feeder school for Quail Hollow Middle, uses kinesthetic learning in all of their classrooms. It is a natural fit that Mr. Faris has decided to pilot kinesthetic learning at Quail Hollow. He started a professional learning community and leads a team of teachers. He volunteers at Smithfield Elementary two mornings per week before starting work to learn more about kinesthetic learning and better lead his PLC and benefit students. He is tireless in his effort to make students realize they are capable of achieving greatness."

Faris received a $100 gift card from award sponsor Charles G. Monnett and Associates. He will also be professionally photographed for an I am CMS poster to be displayed at the school.