J.H. Gunn wins 2012 Fire Prevention Bulletin Board Contest

J.H. Gunn Elementary students are bopping to the beats of “Two Ways Out,” a song created to help students learn about fire prevention. The school recently won the 2012 Fire Prevention Week Bulletin Board Contest, sponsored by the Charlotte Fire Department and local businesses. Third graders created an interactive display focused on the theme “Know 2 Ways Out” that features safe ways to exit a burning home and includes a recorder with students performing their song.

“I am so proud of our students for winning this award,” said J. H. Gunn Principal Monique Davis. “This was a very meaningful contest and now our students are well educated in fire safety.”

Fire Prevention Week was celebrated nationwide Oct. 7-13. At a program on Oct. 12, Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannan presented Davis with a trophy and a check for $3,000. The money will be used for educational projects.

Fire department staff also talked to students about how to safely exit a burning building and tips for keeping a safe house. Students also participated in a firefighter relay with contest.

This is the 22nd year for the contest with 48 schools participating.  

 CMS contest finalists include:

  • Reedy Creek Elementary—second place ($2,000)
  • Cornelius Elementary—fourth place ($500)