Olympic High School changes announced

Superintendent Clayton Wilcox shared upcoming changes to take effect for the 2018-2019 school year at Olympic High School during a series of meetings on Feb. 1 with Olympic High School staff, feeder pattern staff, parents, students and community partners.

"Great things are happening at Olympic High School for our students and we look forward to working with staff leadership, teachers, parents, students and community partners to both strengthen what is already a strong model and strive for improvements. We are committed to these changes and to doing what is best for learning and teaching at Olympic and across the district," says Superintendent Clayton Wilcox.

Goals for the actions and strategies announced at Olympic include:

  • Ensure educational consistency and high-quality programs and instruction
  • Simplify leadership structure and enhance accountability
  • Support and strengthen business and community partnerships
  • Build sense of shared community and school culture

Proposed actions and strategies announced to meet these goals include:

  • Consolidate five Olympic community schools into one comprehensive Olympic High School
  • Restructure leadership to one OHS principal with supporting assistant principals
  • Maintain five academies with specialized curriculum and program offerings
  • Streamline schedule and class enrollment systems
  • Bolster guidance counseling/awareness of choices
  • Increase awareness and access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways
  • Offer extracurricular and athletic opportunities within one Olympic identity. The principal selection process at Olympic High School will include open position posting and selection engagement from members of a yet to be named selection committee representing Olympic constituencies including school staff, parents, community partners and district leadership. The principal selection process will open by the end of February.