Stamping out bullying

Clubs at Ridge Road Middle stamped out bullying one step at a time. Recognizing October as National Anti-Bullying Month and Oct. 10 as Unity Day, students at Ridge Road stayed after school to participate in an anti-bullying walk. Click here to check out a video about the walk.

Joining the “Make it Orange and Make it End!” movement, members of clubs, student organizations and athletic teams came together  for the walk, wearing orange in support of anti-bullying. 

“The students realized that, even though they have different interests, they are more alike than different,” said counselor Tomika Wright. “Students have the power to make the change that they want to see in schools. It was an empowering sight to see everyone come together.”

Elizabeth Lane Elementary students wear orange for Unity Day!Other schools also got involved in Unity Day. Elizabeth Lane Elementary students wore orange to show they are united against bullying as part of their bullying- prevention activities.

At Ridge Road, more than 100 students walked through the Highland Creek neighborhood, chanting “be a buddy, not a bully.” 

The students represented groups included the Tri-M Music Club, Future Business Leaders of America, the Community Service Club, the Mock Trial Club, the softball team and the Broadcast Team. 

Cars along the park way honked their horns as students marched to show that bullying isn’t tolerated at Ridge Road. One passerby later contacted school staff to say she was so proud to see the awareness of bullying being spread by the students that she happily honked as she drove by the gathering.

Principal Jametta Tanner said the exercise only continues the idea of unity that Ridge Road students and staff constantly promote.

“Every child can be successful when you create an environment that allows every child to feel valued and important,” said Principal Jametta Tanner.

“At Ridge Road we pride ourselves on celebrating our diversity and out commonalities. When the students understand that we’re all on the same team, they encourage one another instead of bullying.”