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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
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Meeting Date
July 25, 2017

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Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to Exhibit JCA-E, "Student Assignment Plan: School Options Lottery, Guarantees and Priorities"

Staff Present

​Akeshia Craven-Howell

Main Points

​​Proposed amendments to Exhibit JCA-E, "Student Assignment Plan School Options Lottery Guarantees and Priorities," are before the Board for Public Hearing.  The amendments broaden the criteria for eligibility for the School Performance Priority (SPP) for School Options (magnet schools and non-magnet school options) to include students assigned to the entry grade levels of schools designated by the state as low performing for three consecutive years.  The criteria as it is currently written applies only to students already attending schools that are designated by the state as low performing for three consecutive years.  This change in the criteria was discussed in detail at the May 16, 2017 Board Work Session as well as at the June 22, 2017 Policy Committee meeting, where it was approved by unanimous vote. 

The Policy Committee recommends that the first Public Hearing for this exhibit be waived, thereby shortening the usual three meeting process for adoption of policies and exhibits by one meeting.  Following this timeline, the First Reading would be on June 27, and a Public Hearing and Board Vote on July 25.  Adopting the proposed amendments before the end of July will give CMS staff more time to prepare for the School Options Lottery for the 2018-2019 school year, which is anticipated to begin in October 2017 rather than in February 2018.  This action is consistent with Policy BG, "Board of Education Policy Process," which permits the Board to waive the requirements for public comment when the timely passage of the policy is necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the district.      

Fiscal Implications

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public hearing