Board of Education
Redistricting Guidelines 

Political redistricting is done once every ten years which involves the redistribution of precincts based on census data.  The 2010 census data will be available April 1, 2011.  The process is required by the Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is interpreted to require that districts be "substantially equal", the 10% rule established by the legal precedent to determine "substantially equal" and districts be redrawn by the 2012 general election.

The Board of Education approved the following guidelines on March 8, 2011 to be used in the redistricting of Mecklenburg County Board of Education districts.  


Board Composition/Number and Type of Districts  - Three at-large members and six district members/ Nine total/ Adjustments to current district boundaries

Length and Concurrence of Terms - Four-year staggered terms/ At-large members elected year before presidential elections and district members elected year after presidential elections

Co-Terminus Districts - Board of County Commissioners and Board of Education - Attempt to be co-terminus/ Meeting with BOCC to determine if guidance and methods vary and, if so, separate parallel processes/ If separate, comparisons will be made of board approved boundaries and, if similar, attempt to negotiate common districts

Incumbent Competition - Not to be considered

Precincts - Will be kept whole - Not to be split

Minority-Majority Districts - Continue to have at least two minority-majority districts based upon race

Municipal Boundaries - Northern towns of Huntersville, Cornelius and Davidson will be in one district/ Southern towns of Mint Hill and Matthews will be in one district and Pineville will be in one district; however, all three southern towns may be in same district

Partisan Considerations - Not to be considered

Method and Extent of Board Involvement in Working Group - Committee of the whole to make guidance decisions and staff to develop district boundaries and map options

Board of Education Process Timeline  

  • February 22        - Parameters and decision points discussion
  • March 8                - BOE work session with scope of work and approach decisions
  • March                   - BOCC discussions to determine if guidance or methods vary
  • July                       - Recommendations formulated
  • July 1 thru 15      - Candidate filing dates for three at-large BOE seats
  • August                  - Meet with BOCC to determine if districts are similar but not identical
  • September          - BOE adoption of new districts 


Redistricting Guidelines (Printable)


Board of Education 2010 Political Redistricting Report & Vote

Redistricting report was given at August 23, 2011 board meeting. 

August 23, 2011 Board Meeting Redistricting Report with Existing, New, Option B & E Maps

Public Hearing to address the Board of Education on redistricting was held during September 13, 2011 Regular Board Meeting.  Board vote on redistricting was during September 27, 2011 Regular Board Meeting.  Option B received the majority vote.

September 27, 2011 Board Meeting - Vote on BOE 2012 Political Redistricting