Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
Agenda Item

Meeting Date
February 10, 2015

Agenda Item Title
Recommend Approval of 2015-2016 Project L.I.F.T. Instructional Calendars for Continuous Learning (CLC) Schools

Staff Present
Ann Clark, Superintendent
Kelly Gwaltney, Chief School Performance Officer
Denise Watts, Learning Community Superintendent

Main Points
Like traditional CMS calendar schools, the proposed 2015-2016 Continuous Learning Calendar for Bruns Academy and Walter G. Byers School includes 180 days/1080 instructional hours, 55 hours over the state-required minimum.
With 199 instructional days/1194 instructional hours, the proposed 2015-2016 Continuous Learning Calendar with Extended Time for Druid Hills Academy and Thomasboro Academy far exceed the state-required minimum.

Fiscal Implications
None.  Project L.I.F.T. already assumes all CLC implementation costs.

Agenda Item Type
consent items

Recommend approval of the Project L.I.F.T. 2015-2016 Continuous Learning Calendars for Bruns Academy, Walter G. Byers School, Druid Hills Academy, and Thomasboro Academy