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Board of Education
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
Agenda Item

Meeting Date
April 12, 2016

Agenda Item Title
Recommend Approval to Grant Sidewalk Utility Easements to the City of Charlotte

Staff Present

Peggy Hey, Executive Director of Facility Planning and Management


Main Points

​The City of Charlotte has requested a grant of sidewalk utility easements to accommodate the Brown Grier Road/Gallant Lane sidewalk project.  The rights granted will be for the purpose of laying, constructing, reconstructing, operating, maintaining sidewalks, public utility facilities, inspecting the facilities, making alterations, removing trees, structures and other obstructions that may endanger the proper maintenance in the future from the easements. ​

  1. Permanent Sidewalk Utility Easement to maintain sidewalks and public utility facilities for property at Brown Grier Road and Gallant Lane.
  2. Temporary Construction Easement for laying and constructing the public sidewalk project for Brown Grier Road/Gallant Lane Sidewalk on a portion of Tax Lot 201-471-02. 
  3. Recommend approval to grant Sidewalk Utility Easement to the City of Charlotte on a portion of Tax Lot 201-081-05, 4301 Sandy Porter Road. 

Fiscal Implications

Agenda Item Type
consent items

Recommend approval to grant the Permanent Sidewalk Easements and Temporary Construction Easements to the City of Charlotte as requested.