Board of Education
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
Agenda Item

Meeting Date
April 26, 2016

Agenda Item Title
Recommend Approval of Selection of Alves Educational Consulting Group, LTD to Support Staff and Advise the Board During the Student Assignment Review and Associated Development of the Plan

Correlation to Board of Education Vision, Mission & Core Beliefs
Providing all students with the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential and ensuring that there is no discernible difference between the achievement levels of students by race, gender or economic level

Staff Present
Ann Clark, Superintendent
Scott McCully, Executive Director, Planning and Placement
Akeshia Craven-Howell, Assistant Superintendent of School Options & Innovation

Main Points

AECG's work plan is organized around the services that will be provided, as needed, in collaboration with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, district leaders and CMS administrators and staff. The services that will be provided in support of the student assignment review, include:

  • reviewing district data, national research and urban district benchmarks
  • facilitating school district leadership meetings, work sessions, etc. related to the student assignment review and student assignment options
  • developing equitable and viable student assignment options and an associated high-level implementation plan to operationalize the Board's preferred options
  • informing a communication and engagement strategy to ensure the community's voice is represented in the plan
  • advising on the development of the Board of Education's student assignment policies
  • coordinating efforts among the Board of Education and district leaders and teams supporting the student assignment review and planning process 

The elements of AECG's proposed work plan and scope of services will align with:

  • the Board of Education's approved student assignment Goals and Guiding Principles
  • research-based "best practices" being implemented by other school districts including reviews of what appears to be working versus not working, especially as it relates to voluntary / choice-based student assignment plans
  • analysis and inclusion of district data as well as feedback garnered via community surveys, focus groups and other associated means of gathering community input

Fiscal Implications
$135,000 from May 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016

Agenda Item Type
action items

Recommend approval of Alves Educational Consulting Group, LTD to support staff and advise the Board during the student assignment review and associated development of the plan