Board of Education
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
Agenda Item

Meeting Date
April 25, 2017

Agenda Item Title
Recommend Approval to Grant Storm Drainage Easement Including a Temporary Construction Easement to the City of Charlotte at Winding Springs Elementary

Staff Present

Carol S. Stamper, Chief Operating Officer

Peggy H. Hey, Executive Director of Facility Planning and Management

Main Points

​The City of Charlotte has requested a grant of storm drainage easement to accommodate the improvements of the storm water facilities at Winding Springs Elementary School.  The improvements should assist with drainage concerns happening nearby.  The rights granted will be for the purpose of laying, constructing, reconstructing, operating, maintaining sidewalks, public utility facilities, inspecting the facilities, making alterations, removing trees, structures and other obstructions that may endanger the proper maintenance in the future from the easements.

Fiscal Implications
None, the easement will be granted without financial consideration.

Agenda Item Type
consent items

Recommend approval to grant the Storm Drainage Easement including a Temporary Construction Easement to the City of Charlotte for the purpose of making improvements to the storm drainage facilities at Winding Springs Elementary School at 6601 Horace Mann Road.