Technology Services
Safe Internet Access

The Internet, an important primary source of information, has become a tool that is being used in CMS classrooms on a daily basis. The following measures have been implemented to ensure that students and staff have the most meaningful and safest access to the Internet 

Instructional Focus
The Internet should be used to support the CMS instructional program. Training is provided to teachers, media specialists, and staff members on how to select, retrieve, analyze, and evaluate information from the Internet and to effectively use this information in the classroom to enhance the educational experience and develop life-long learning skills. Teachers and/or media specialists should supervise and monitor student access to the Internet.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education adopted an Internet Acceptable Use Policy IJNDB (formerly 6160) on March 26, 1996 and revisited the policy in 2012. A committee of principals, media specialists, teachers, and curriculum specialists drafted this policy in order to provide guidelines for students and staff on the educational use of the Internet in CMS. Copies of the Internet AUP and Regulations and Agreement Forms can be found in the CMS Policy Manual, on the CMS website, and in the Student-Parent Handbook.

All students must have an Internet Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Form IJNDB (formerly 6160) signed by a parent or guardian before they are granted access to the Internet at school. All staff members are expected to sign the Agreement Form #6160.1 before using the Internet and Internet E-Mail.

For More Information
For more information, contact Chief Technology Services Office at 980-344-0037.