Co-Curricular Activities

CMS chess teams are an active part of co-curricular activities and school players and teams have won national recognition for their outstanding performance. For more information on local and regional tournaments, please visit . For additional information on scholastic chess, please visit or

The scholastic chess club combines educational and social activities. Members come to play, to learn, to teach, and to get together with old friends and make new ones. The players - no matter what their level of skill, experience, or age - speak a common language, and one that is often not understood in other areas of a person's life. The rivalries are friendly; the friendships are competitive. A club can offer a wide variety of activities. There can be speed chess or rated games, or both. Club activities can include simultaneous exhibitions or lectures.

Some players who regularly come to a club won't ever try weekend scholastic tournaments. These avid club players may get their fill of "serious" chess by competing in a club ladder or one-game-a-lunch-period club tourneys. Ideally, the club will cater to all types of players - recreational as well as the serious tournament players.

National Chess Competition Requirements 2007-2008