Co-Curricular Activities
Standard Activities

In the 1999-00 school year, the Co-Curricular Activities Project Charter was established to create a comprehensive co-curricular program that provides access to students at all grade levels and increase the percent of all racial and economic groups participating. With this system in place, the activities would be monitored for participation to determine if they were supporting the needs of the students. The intent was to establish these programs as a natural extension of the school day that would focus on acceleration and academic achievement.

The standards for Co-Curricular Activities were established. Debate was implemented at every high school and was funded. Professional development was offered and quarterly inservice for specified activity sponsors has been instituted. Surveys were completed by administrators at every school to determine what co-curricular activities were established during the past three school years. A budget was developed to establish co-curricular activities based on targets in the CMS Balanced Scorecard.

Standard Co-Curricular Activities

Elementary Activities 

Math Olympiad
Odyssey of the Mind
Middle School Activities
National Academic League
Odyssey of the Mind
Science Olympiad
High School Activities
Science Olympiad
Additional Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities
Odyssey of the Mind
Destination Imaginiation
Future Problem Solvers of America
World Quest (World Affairs Council)
> National
> Local
Model United Nations