Exceptional Children
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Programs for Exceptional Children

Important Information:

Lincoln Heights Academy, a K-12 public separate school in the CMS Programs for Exceptional Children, will be moving into a new facility for the 2019-2020 school year. LHA is unique in that it is the only K-12 public separate school established to exclusively support the behavioral and emotional needs of students with disabilities in all counties making up North Carolina's Southwest region. Please click HERE to help us name our new school, or express interest in serving on the school's naming committee! Submissions will be accepted until January 15th.  Thank you for your gift of input!


Vision: Programs for Exceptional Children positively impact academic and social outcomes for students with disabilities so they can be productive citizens.


Mission: Programs for Exceptional Children promote success for students with disabilities, their families, staff and community to achieve positive post-secondary outcomes.


Programs for Exceptional Children

  • Provide the full continuum of services to students with disabilities, based on individual needs.
  • Demonstrate commitment and dedication to ensure access to the general curriculum.
    • Provide information regarding curriculum options for students with disabilities
    • Implement various grants in cooperation with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that address the Extensions of the Common Core Standards.
    • Provide information about the implementation of inclusive practices as a service delivery model 
  • Develop individualized student plans as determined by data collection.
  • Apply researched based interventions and methodology.
  • Encourage parent participation in the team process of individual program development as well as involvement in school-related activities.


What curriculum is used in classes for students with disabilities?

The Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards are used throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Exceptional Children teachers use a variety of strategies to help students make progress in the curriculum, including co-teaching with general education teachers.   At the high school level, students with disabilities may participate in the Occupational Course of Study, a pathway leading to a North Carolina diploma.

Students with significant cognitive disabilities participate in the Extensions of the Common Core Standards. This curriculum teaches the essential elements of the traditional course of study while also emphasizing the acquisition of functional skills.