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Marijuana Use

The legalization of marijuana has caused confusion about whether or not this substance is one that parents, school administrators, and youth should be concerned about. There are a few key facts that must be considered with thinking about marijuana use and youth. Click each fact to learn more.

  • When marijuana is purchased on the street, the user cannot be sure that the contents are pure; marijuana is sometimes laced with other very dangerous substances such as Fentanyl or PCP

***What Can Marijuana Be Laced With?***

  • Even in states where marijuana is legal, like Colorado, one must be 21 in order to make a legal purchase; youth may not purchase marijuana legally anywhere in America

***Examples of how Laws Restrict Youth Access to Marijuana***

  • Just because marijuana has been legalized in some states, this does not mean that it is safe for consumption; most people are aware of the significant risks that accompany use of alcohol and tobacco yet they are legal for use by adults

***Marijuana Facts***