2017-2018 Student Assignment Review
Goals and Guiding Principles
Approved Policy:  Goals and Guiding Principles (Policy JCA, Part I)​

The Student Assignment Goals were adopted by the Board on February 23, 2016, and incorporated into policy on November 9, 2016.​  The goals represent the Board’s priorities for assigning students to schools, while the Guiding Principles provide our superintendent and staff the blueprint for developing the Student Assignment Plan.​  

​The Board believes that a Student Assignment Plan that promotes the Vision and the Mission of the Board will, to the extent possible achieve the following goals:

  • Provide choice and promote equitable access to varied and viable programmatic options for all children;

  • Maximize efficiency in the use of school facilities, transportation and other capital and operational resources to reduce overcrowding;

  • Reduce the number of schools with high concentrations of poor and high-needs children;

  • Provide school assignment options to students assigned to schools that are not meeting performance standards established by the state; and

  • Preserve and expand schools and programs in which students are successfully achieving the mission and vision of the Board.​

​The Goals for the student assignment plan are not listed in priority order.​