2017-2018 Student Assignment Review
Phase II: Home School Boundaries

​During Phase II of the Student Assignment Review, CMS will work with the community to evaluate existing home school attendance boundaries and high school feeder patterns to determine if they support the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education’s Goals and Guiding Principles for student assignment. We are working to:

  • Reduce overcrowding;
  • Support the efficient use of resources (buses, buildings, etc.);
  • Reduce the number of schools with high concentrations of poor and high-needs children; 
  • Increase access to high-quality home schools; and
  • Preserve and expand schools that work.

Our Guiding Principles define the types of changes we are able to make.  They require that CMS continue to assign students to a home-school in proximity to their home address and that we consider the following factors:

  • Socioeconomic diversity
  • Overcrowding / low enrollment
  • Travel distance from home and time on the bus
  • Keeping students from the same neighborhood together
  • Population density
  • Intact high school feeder patterns (having students from the same elementary school go to the same middle school and having students from the same middle school go to the same high school)​

Overview of Phase II

Identify Criteria
C​MS will engage the community to decide how to identify schools where a boundary change could support the Goals for Student Assignment.

Evaluate Boundaries and High School Feeder Patterns
CMS staff will apply the criteria to all existing boundaries and high school feeder patterns to identify those that least support the Board’s Goals.  ​ 

Develop Recommendations
CMS staff will develop options for new boundaries and high school feeder patterns that better support the Board’s Goals.  ​ 

Engage Communities
Communities affected by the proposed changes will be invited to provide feedback.  ​  

Implement Recommendations (Fall 2018 at the earliest)
Options will be refined based on feedback from the community and Board.  The Phase II timeline calls for the Board to vote on proposed changes in late spring 2017.

2/13/2017Community Meeting for West Charlotte feeder pattern (Project Lift)
2/9/2017Community Meeting for Harding, Olympic, and West Mecklenburg Feeder Patterns
2/8/2017Community Meeting for Butler, Independence, and Rocky River feeder patterns
2/7/2017Community Meeting for South Meck feeder pattern
2/6/2017Community Meeting for Hopewell and Hough Feeder Patterns
2/2/2017Community Meeting for East Meck and Myers Park High Schools
1/31/2017Community Meeting for Garringer and Vance Feeder Patterns
1/30/2017Community Meeting for Mallard Creek and North Meck Feeder Patterns
1/26/2017Community Meeting for Ardrey Kell and Providence Feeder Patterns
1/10/2017Board Meeting: Review Timeline for Phase II of the Student Assignment Review
1/4/2017Phase II Begins