2017-2018 Student Assignment Review
Student Assignment Review At-A-Glance
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One of the Board of Education’s most important responsibilities is to develop a student assignment plan for students enrolled in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The plan determines how students are assigned to schools, often based on where the student resides, as well as how they may access schools and programs of choice. 

The Board conducts a comprehensive review every six years, making changes to the plan as necessary to meet the needs of our growing community and prepare every CMS student for success after graduation. Mecklenburg County is a growing, vibrant community and the CMS student body continues to grow and change from year to year. The world is also changing. Students in CMS today will require an increasing range of knowledge, skills and experiences to be successful in college and today’s globally competitive workforce. 


The review began in October of 2015 and will conclude in November of 2017.  Throughout the process, there will be multiple opportunities for community feedback.  The review involves the following steps:

Project Phase Beg ins Board Vote
Preparation:  The Board defines goals and guiding principles that ensure the plan will align with the CMS vision and mission.Oct. 2015Feb. 2016
​​Phase 1:  The board defines access ​ to school options and magnets in light of the goals and guiding principles.  The board will explore:  
  • Transportation zones that define who can apply to each magnet school and school option;
  • Lottery criteria for acceptance into magnet schools and options; and 
  • Creation and expansion of school options and magnets.
Mar. 2016Nov. 2016
​​Phase 2:   The board defines home school boundaries and high school feeder patterns. Jan. 2017 (Tentative)
May 2017


Next Steps

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Progress to Date

4/26/2017Meetings in Communities with Boundary Change Proposals - May 1 to May 22.
4/26/2017Facebook Live Q&A with Superintendent Clark about Phase II Student Assignment
4/25/2017Board Meeting: Present Boundary and Feeder Pattern Recommendations
4/20/2017Community Meeting: New Language Immersion PK-8 /Albemarle Rd. Elementary and Middle relief
4/6/2017Board Meeting: Reassignment and Transfer Policy,
3/28/2017Board Meeting: Transfer Policy, PreK-8 Options, and Boundary Criteria
3/14/2017Board Meeting: PreK-8 Update & Policy on Reassignments and Transfers
2/28/2017Board Meeting: Prek-8 Non Magnet School Discussion
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