Eligible employees for SLO completion are teachers in TIF-LEAP schools who:

  • are certified, lateral entry, Teach for America, or Visiting International Faculty (VIF) teachers,
  • administrators and teachers agree s/he can complete all SLO components, 
  • earn “Proficient” or above on each overall standard of the NC Teacher Evaluation Process  summary evaluation,
  • are in attendance at least 85% of the interval specified on the SLO as verified by the SLO Attainment document,
  • attend required training in the SLO process authorized by TIF-LEAP staff,
  • submit SLO(s) and have the SLO(s) approved by an administrator prior to the deadlines for submission
  • provide data or portfolio materials to demonstrate that at least 75% of students (or higher if so stated) specified in their SLO have achieved, or exceeded the growth expectations,

Ineligible employees:

  • Interns
  • Non-certified Employees
  • Counselors, Social Workers, Speech Pathologists, and Psychologists
  • Substitute, Interim, Temporary Employees, and Tutors
  • Teachers arriving after the last training date, January 17, 2011