School Progress Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions about School Progress Reports.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What is the School Progress Report?

The School Progress Report looks at each school to assess performance in the context of the school’s demographics, climate and resources.  The reports address this basic question: How well is this school doing in educating its children with the resources it has? The reports also contain a letter from the principal, test scores, other data about the school and an explanation of the tests and other measures used locally, statewide and nationally to assess each school’s progress.

Why is CMS doing these School Progress Reports?

The reports began at the request of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, which wanted CMS to share information with parents about our schools.  Public education can’t succeed unless we have the support of parents and the many other publics we serve – and sharing information helps us be more transparent and build trust with our parents.

Why does the School Progress Report have information about parent involvement, safety audits and student perceptions of the school?

The way a school’s success is usually measured is by its students’ academic progress – test scores. Test scores are important because they measure how much students are learning. But a school is more than just a collection of test scores. It’s a living, changing environment where children learn.  If a school is not safe, or lacks resources such as qualified teachers, children will have a harder time succeeding in school. We included the information about parent involvement, safety audits and how students perceive the school because we think all of these elements help create the overall environment at a school. They are also important factors in student success. 

Why is there a page explaining the different kinds of measures and what they mean?

Education today has a lot of different kinds of measurement tools, and these can vary by educational level. We want our parents to understand what their children’s scores on tests and other kinds of measurement mean, so we have included information about the various measures and who requires them. 

Will there be other School Progress Reports?

Yes, we will issue progress reports each year for our schools and the district. 

Are the reports available online?

Yes, you can see the School Progress Reports on the CMS Web site.  Please click here to go directly to the SPR page.

If I have a question about something in the School Progress Report, who do I call?

The principal of your school should be able to answer any questions about the report.