Forms & Information 

Forms: High School Participation

CMS HS Athletic Eligibility Certification Form.docCMS HS Athletic Eligibility Certification Form
CMS HS Athletic Participation Form.docxCMS HS Athletic Participation Form
HS NCHSAA Preparticipation Exam Form.pdfHS NCHSAA Preparticipation Exam Form
HS NCHSAA Preparticipation Exam Form_Espanol.pdfHS NCHSAA Preparticipation Exam Form_Espanol



Forms: Middle School Participation

CMS MS Athletic Participation Form.docxCMS MS Athletic Participation Form



Forms: General

Athletic Honor Code Form_Coaches.pdfAthletic Honor Code Form_Coaches
Athletic Honor Code Form_Coaches_Espanol.pdfAthletic Honor Code Form_Coaches_Espanol
Athletic Honor Code Form_Parent.pdfAthletic Honor Code Form_Parent
Athletic Honor Code Form_Parent_Espanol.pdfAthletic Honor Code Form_Parent_Espanol
Athletic Honor Code Form_Student.pdfAthletic Honor Code Form_Student
Athletic Honor Code Form_Student_Espanol.pdfAthletic Honor Code Form_Student_Espanol
Athletic Participation Fee_Waiver Application.pdfAthletic Participation Fee_Waiver Application
Concussion Clearance_Gfeller-Waller_NCHSAA Return To Play Form_3-27-12.pdfConcussion Clearance_Gfeller-Waller_NCHSAA Return To Play Form_3-27-12
Concussion Statement_Coaches-School Nurse-School Volunteers.pdfConcussion Statement_Coaches-School Nurse-School Volunteers
Concussion Statement_Student-Athlete  Parent Legal Custodian.pdfConcussion Statement_Student-Athlete Parent Legal Custodian
Concussion Statement_Student-Athlete  Parent Legal Custodian_Espanol.pdfConcussion Statement_Student-Athlete Parent Legal Custodian_Espanol




Middle School IESA Baseball Bat Standards 2012-13.pdfMiddle School IESA Baseball Bat Standards 2012-13