Magnet Themes
Center for Leadership and Global Studies

Students in this program study the North Carolina Standard Course of Study with the added enrichment of a global theme focus.  Students are provided opportunities to learn about and acquire quality leadership skills which include respect and responsibility for themselves and others.  The mission of this magnet program is to nurture young leaders who are knowledgeable about the contributions that they can make to the global community of which they are an important part.  Students in this program have a guaranteed magnet continuation to the Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis for middle and high school.

Special Features

  • Comprehensive curriculum preparing students to be knowledgeable, responsible, and ethical leaders
  • Exposure to world language instruction begins in Kindergarten and continues through the secondary level
  • Offers the first Arabic language program in North Carolina public schools
  • School provides a learning community environment designed to promote character development, teamwork, individual leadership skills, and ethical decision making
  • Specific business and community partnerships developed with IBM, Charlotte International Cabinet, World View, international corporations, and institutions of higher education
  • Focus on communication skills using advanced technologies and various forms of media, including cross-cultural dialogue with students from around the world via the Internet

Is This Program a Good Fit for Your Child?

School(s) offering this Magnet Program for the 2012-2013 School Year:

School Program #
Marie G. Davis 360

Transportation Information: School Magnet Program Locations

Elementary School Middle School High School

Center for Leadership and Global Studies
Transportation/Feeder Chart
Transportation Zone Elementary Middle High
Blue(Southwest) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9)
Green(Southeast) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9)
Grey(Central) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9)
Violet(North) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9) Marie G. Davis (9)

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