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Paideia Academy

From the Greek word meaning “the upbringing of a child,” the goal of the Paideia (Py-day-a) program is to provide a rigorous liberal arts education that allows students to develop the skills necessary for the duties of citizenship in a democracy.  By teaching self-development and continued life-long learning and supporting students to utilize every opportunity for personal development in society, students develop the skills necessary to think and act critically as responsible citizens of the nation and the world.

For more information about Paideia, please visit the National Paideia Center website by clicking here.

Special Features

  • Traditional, seminar, and coaching instructional strategies to develop students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills
  • Program supports flexible scheduling, integration of learning styles, cooperative learning, interdisciplinary unit planning, multiple intelligences, and differentiated instruction
  • Collaboration with community arts, science, and education organizations
  • Focus on national and international citizenship

Is This Program a Good Fit for Your Child?

School(s) offering this Magnet Program for the 2010-2011 School Year:

School Program #

Oakhurst Elementary School


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Paideia Academy
Transportation/Feeder Chart
Transportation Zone Elementary Middle High
Blue(Southwest) Oakhurst NA NA
Green(Southeast) Oakhurst NA NA
Grey(Central) Oakhurst NA NA
Violet(North) Oakhurst NA NA