Magnet Themes

“The strength of the past is the foundation of our future” is the guiding philosophy of the Traditional program.  Students are taught in a structured environment and are held accountable to a high standard of conduct and academics.  This program values the best of the past: manners, a strong foundation in the basics, classroom rituals and procedures, allegiance to the traditions, interests and ideals of the diverse American culture, civics, and citizenship.

Special Features

  • Ongoing collaborative projects at both schools through a relationship with the School of Education at Queens University of Charlotte
  • Rigorous teaching of study skills and core subject areas with an emphasis on the basics
  • Manners and etiquette curriculum in grades K-5
  • Study of Greek and Latin roots in grades 3-5 as a strategy to build and support vocabulary and comprehension skills
  • Full-time science teacher offering hands-on laboratory experiences
  • Six-week report cards, including character education, work and study habits, effort grade, handwriting, and a section called “Your child can be helped by...”
  • Traditional school culture develops the student’s sense of responsibility to self, family, community, and country

Is This Program a Good Fit for Your Child?

School(s) offering this Magnet Program for the 2012-2013 School Year:

School Program #

Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School

Myers Park Traditional Elementary School 231

Transportation Information: School Magnet Program Locations

Elementary School Middle School High School

Transportation/Feeder Chart
Transportation Zone Elementary Middle High
Blue (Southwest) Myers Park (3) NA NA
Green (Southeast) Elizabeth Traditional (3) NA NA
Grey (Central) West - Myers Park (3), East - Elizabeth Traditional (3) NA NA
Violet (North) West - Myers Park (3), East - Elizabeth Traditional (3) NA NA