Magnet Programs
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C​​MS magnet students attain the highest levels of academic preparation and achievement within carefully tailored learning environments crafted to maximize opportunities for personal cognitive growth and skill development.


CM​S ​Magnet Programs provide public education options emphasizing specialized learning environments and innovative instructional programs to promote excellence in student achievement and growth.  This is accomplished by attracting students to unique and distinctive, diverse, and engaging theme-based learning environments specifically designed to capitalize upon and to nurture and enhance students’ abilities, aptitudes, interests and talents.

​Wha​​t is a magnet program?

In a magnet school, it is not what is taught, but how the teaching is done. Magnet programs are theme-based to promote students' interests, abilities, and talents. In CMS, the Common Core and NC Essential Standards (formerly known as the North Carolina Standard Course of Study) curriculum specifies the standards, goals, and objectives to be taught to students at each grade level for each subject. This content is organized and taught in magnet schools using the magnet theme as a catalyst to deliver instruction.

CMS offers various magnet themes, such as Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, STEM, Montessori, International Baccalaureate, and many others. Parents are encouraged to consider their child's abilities, aptitudes, and talents when considering the magnet theme offerings in CMS. Researchers have noted that magnet programs promote innovations in teaching and learning, increased parental involvement, greater student engagement, and diverse student bodies that, when added together, can lead to higher student achievement.​