Performing Arts
Why Study Music?

That's easy. Learning music is a meaningful and gratifying experience for students (as well as for people of all ages). The mixture of creativity, discipline, and communication that music study demands of our students helps them succeed in school, in society, and in life.

Music Education enhances learning skills, communication skills, creativity, teamwork, discipline, cultural awareness, respect  for others, and self-esteem through personal accomplishment.

Research indicates a positive relationship between studying music and developin spatial skills necessary for math and science learnng. Research also shows that the study of music affects students positively in other areas of their lives, especially in four areas:

  1. Success in School
  2. Success in Developing Intelligence
  3. Success in Society
  4. Success in Life

Amazing research has come out regarding the affects of studying music on the brain. Read this great article from Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's new book - From Hope to Higher Ground

Check out these videos below:

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Why Music Part 2 Video.mpeg