Advanced Studies and Talent Development
CMS Gifted Plan

​​​​​The ​Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Plan for Gifted Education presents a comprehensive and effective design that will empower Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to further develop an educational experience that is not only rigorous and content-rich, but also relevant to students' lives and to the global community. The term "gifted" refers to students who have a continuum of strengths, including above level ability and achievement, requiring a range of services in order to experience and demonstrate academic, intellectual, and emotional growth. The three year plan responds to the 1996 North Carolina General Assembly Article 9B by setting priorities that will establish an intensive academic extension beyond the regular education program.

The ​ Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 2019 Plan for Gifted Education may be accessed by clicking this link: CMS 2019 Plan for Gifted Education.pdf